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Thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness, e-teachServer® helps organizations train their main resource, their staff.


e-teachServer® lets firms manage, distribute and monitor the formal and informal online training they provide for staff, partners or customers.

e-teachServer® is an online Learning Management System (LMS) that lets you handle a wide range of teaching content and users within an integrated system. Thanks to its flexibility, it can easily be integrated into existing information systems.
Moreover, its open architecture and compliance with strict Internet standards offer iron-clad guarantees of upgradability and a long-term payoff.

e-teachServer® has been officially certified as SCORM 1.2 compliant by ADL Co-Lab - Wisconsin (USA).

Who is it for ?

e-teachServer® is for companies, schools or associations of all sizes that are aware that "just-in-time" training that accurately targets specific needs is the only way they can keep their employees' skills competitive.

e-teachServer® is an innovative, upgradable solution that gives you the flexibility and performance you need to introduce your online training. Providing personalized training for specific target groups and ensuring teaching and statistical monitoring are child's play thanks to its powerful features.

How does it work ?

If you are a major firm, an administration, an SME or a training institute, you have several options in terms of deployment.
  • e-teachServer® ON SITE
    (in the customer environment)

    The LMS is installed on your premises.
    • e-teachServer® SAAS
      (hosted application)

      e-teachServer® SaaS offers fast implementation, and handles equipment, network, database administration and security, installation of applications and upgrades.

      Advantages of the SaaS model : no software or server acquisition, maintenance and upgrades included in subscription, license can be upgraded depending on the number of users, less need for in-house computer expertise, meets the needs of roaming users.
    For more information, contact us !

Course registration

  • Session management
  • Management of registration requests
  • Course registration by learners
  • Course registration by the administrator (e.g. by the training centre)
  • Automatic course registration depending on level reached
  • Courses "on demand"

Training courses / curricula

  • Make up courses
  • Import SCORM
  • Provide course overview and monitoring
  • Create training curricula
  • Manage associated media
  • Define course authors
  • Publish courses
  • Post a course in different interfaces (for examples languages)
  • View course registrations
  • Define general course properties
  • Assemble and reuse course fragments in new training courses

User management

  • Manage access rights (learners, teachers, administrators)
  • Assign training courses
  • Add / delete users
  • Import accounts
  • Manage learner groups
  • Manage group leaders
  • Export learner lists

Interface / course access

  • Navigation according to set rules (e.g. must finish course A to move on to B)
  • Overview of course status
  • Personal annotations
  • Bookmarks
  • Bookmark searches
  • Multilingual glossary

Multilingual interface

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian

Monitoring & tracking

  • Scores / Averages / Status
  • SCORM-based monitoring
  • Monitoring & statistics
  • Detailed statistics
  • Statistical reports

Discussion forums

  • Create a forum
  • Manage a forum (as moderator)
  • Write a message
  • Answer a message
  • Attach a file to the message
  • Search through messages

Other functions

  • Automatic message sending
  • Management of registration requests
  • Online surveys
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Extraction of Excel® lists and reports
  • SSO (Single Sign On) connections
  • LDAP connectors
  • Management of online surveys
  • Monitoring of e-mails sent (logs)